Spiritual Activities

The main Church is located at No. 100, Madambakkam Main Road, Maruthi Nagar, Chennai-73. The activities span from the routine schedule from Sunday to Saturday giving emphasis on Gospel work, Women's fasting prayer, youth prayer, prayer cell groups and revival prayer for the Nation. On Sundays more than 250 believers gathering and worshiping God.

Dedicated and motivated teams are sent across to the remote villages, which lack even basic amenities, so as to preach the Gospel to them who in all probability never heard about Jesus Christ before (Roman: 15:21). This is done by locating and targeting the villages through sustained meetings; the result of which subsequently warrant planting of the churches at those places.

An outcome of outreach ministry is the planting of churches in rural areas and this has become a reality. Initially a thatched roof is put-up in the land acquired or taken on lease and worship conducted until a permanent place is found and thereafter a permanent structure is put up, subject to the availability of funds as and when it becomes feasible. At present we planted churches in four out reaches namely

1. Thalambur
2. Edamachi
3. Agaramthen
4. Anwardihan pettai (vellore district)
5. Thenmelpakkam
6. Kilakadi

These are placed in Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

In Allapalli, Ta aheri.dist, Gadchiroli.Maharastra State

Already we released three volumes of songs.
1. Abishegam,
2. Siluvaiyai Uyarthiduven,
3. Uthithar Yesu Palan.
4. Abishega geethangal (MP3)
5. Abishega geethangal (Video)

Weekly Shedule:

Sunday 8.a.m Worship
 :          11.a.m  Youth meeting
:           7 – 8  p.m. Bible study

Tuesday    10.30.a.m  Sisters fasting prayer

Wednesday  8.p.m. Brothers prayer

Thursday    7.pm. Cottage prayer

Every 2nd Saturday  10.a.m.  fasting prayer

Every last Friday  10.pm. Night prayer

Cell Groups :

blessed with growing maturity in Christ and burning love for souls, I founded these ministries. Estimating the infrastructure required to meet the various needs of the ongoing ministries, it could be easily understood that the help required is paramount.
I, therefore seek your prayers, counsel, technical guidance and assistance in any manner to pave towards the sustained growth of these ministries for God's glory and His kingdom.
With prayers I greet you once again with the experience of a great personal joy in the Lord. Please pray for our ministries, my family and me.
With Godly zeal and love, Sincerely in Christ

Rev. J. Devaputhiran, Senior Pastor

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