About us


Peniel Mission Trust was established in 1992 and was duly registered as a Trust. Since its inception the Trust is serving the downtrodden and the needy in various aspects of life.

In particular the Trust establishment a children Home specially for the orphans and the children of HIV/AIDS affected victims serving their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, health and education.

With kind and gratitude’s like you, we were able to meet the demands and needs of this home for the past 10 years. At present about 25 children are getting benefits in our home.
In recent times many children of HIV/AIDS affected victims live in unprotected and abounded even by their own relatives. Even "The Orphans due to circumstances and other dreaded diseases" get refuge from their relatives but not the children joining hand in hand with us through your material and financial support.

Having been born to faithful and praying parents, I was dedicated for the ministry but on the contrary I spent my youth unheeding the call of God and finished my college studies in 1984. I took up a job in the Regional Transport office at Chennai. This was a money-making opportunity and it had further widened the gap between the Lord, and me until I was entangled in a case for no rhyme or reason. The desperate situation brought me to a total surrender to God and thus opened a door for the ministry for which God had called me.

Harkening unto the call of God, we established Peniel Christ Church in 1991 and very meager number of 12 believers joined to gather and started the worship. At the same year we formed a trust called The Peniel Mission Trust to do service for the depressed sections of the society. To get the legal approval Peniel Mission Trust was registered on 5th February 1997. By seeing its activities and faithfulness the trust has received the Income Tax Exemption 12AA and FCRA registration.

Thereafter the ancillary ministries namely like Church planting, Children Home for the orphans and children of HIV/AIDS patients, Education, Leprosy Rehabilitation, skill training, AIDS awareness ministry, and Audio Ministry. We were assisted by a team of dedicated workers drawn out from the congregation besides my wife who is able to shoulder the responsibility. These ancillary ministries are looked after affectivity. My objective part in these ministries are spent by praying, preaching, besides counseling and healing by praying in the name of Jesus Christ.


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